Friday, June 4, 2010

The Stairs Are My Nemesis

So I fell down the stairs on Monday... again. I'm starting to think tumbling down staircases is "MY THING". To my amazement my body was barely sore in the days following my most recent display of utter klutziness, with the exception of a lovely purple shiner on my low back of course - darn that tile landing. It has bruised and cut me more than once. The most intriguing thing about my most recent fall is that I had the most amazing full body massage only hours earlier... so much for that sixty bucks. I guess my muscles were a little too loose. Oh, and for whatever reason I thought it was a brilliant idea to carry a candle down the stairs... thank goodness it was extinguished upon contact with the hard, hard floor. One day it is my goal to learn how to walk down stairs gracefully and with a little more poise, but for now the stairs are my nemesis.

Stairs - five. Megan - Zero.
(And those are just the ones I remember)!